Our site is dedicated to unique and limited edition artwork. We feel artwork is a personal experience and it will "speak" to you when it feels right. Nearly all our images are captured so that they yield incredible detail even when enlarged to wall size prints. Our Artwork section contains a few examples and more are added regularly. Additionally, we also have over a hundred thousand images in our private collection. All have been captured with care and attention to detail to maintain superb quality that demanding clients desire. We would love to create a limited edition print for you either from an image on the site or from our private collection. You can also commission us to explore and capture a set of images for your needs. The artist, Dennis H. Dame, and his wife have stories behind all the images and we are happy to share our worldly experiences with you regarding an image of your interest. We also offer specialized training to help you advance your photography skills regardless of your starting point. We are passionate about using photography as a way to explore life. It has allowed us to meet many great people and to help several along the way. Please enjoy your journey and let us know what you think.