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We decided to add another category to our Artwork page that has the people and new friends we meet on our journeys ( People and Fury Friends we meet along the way ). We often stop to chat with people to learn more about the area, their pets or whatever comes to mind. Yesterday we met Rhonda. A great and friendly Borzoi. The owner walks her daily in the part we wondered to during our research on covered bridges in Lancaster, PA. There are a lot of great people to chat with.


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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures of Rhonda. She is actually camera shy, so I was surprised when she didn’t react to your camera. This gives us 2 wonderful pictures of her & I just can’t thank you enough. I toured your photos & they are all amazing. You have a special touch with the camera. Thank you so much & it was a pleasure speaking with all of you. Anne & Rhonda from Manheim.

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